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Fish Spas in Chiang Mai

Fish spa in Chiang Mai

When looking for a fun, relaxing experience in Chiang Mai, an increasingly popular choice is the fish spa.

Throughout Chiang Mai are massage shops, these tend to offer more traditional Thai massages, oil massages and simple yet enjoyable foot massages. However, around the city fish spas are being frequented by locals, holiday makers and expatriates.

A fish spa is really a rather simple concept. You will be asked to take a seat and place your feet into a water tank below you. Within the tank will be hundreds of tiny fish. The fish used are typically Garra Rufa which are from the Carp family. The tiny fish will then surround your feet.

It is then that the fish will start to nibble on your feet. Do not worry they are not going to hurt you, in fact what they are doing is nibbling away at the dead skin on your feet which surprisingly, is completely painless. In fact, the feeling initially is more ticklish. After a few moments the feeling is then similar to a massage and is very relaxing. The fish will only eat away at the dead skin so those areas that are healthy are not of interest to them.

You may even find after a couple of minutes you will forget that it is fish that are providing this treatment.

Some clients opt for a 15 minute session to start with, but after seeing the effects will next time go for a 60 minute session. The after effects of the treatment leave your feet smooth and soft.

Additionally the treatment is becoming popular with those who have foot complaints such as Psoriasis, although it is not intended to cure the condition it is a great way to treat it. Also those who do not wish to spend money on man made products and are looking for a natural beauty treatment are opting for the use of Chiang Mai fish spas.

The treatment is 100% natural, all that is required are your feet, a clean tank of water and the miracle fish. Within Chiang Mai fish spas however, afterwards a therapist will gently apply a natural herbal aromatic extract. This leaves your feet feeling fresh and clean, and best of all is a great alternative to harsh chemicals and foot scrubs.

Throughout the city are many places where this treatment is offered. For instance, within the centre of the shopping district is Tawan Trendy Mall. Those interested in the new treatments should make their way to the second floor where one spa is situated. {Or a cheaper option is the friendlier place across the street for 2/3 the price, where these photos where taken} Alternatively the Airport Plaza is a large modern shopping centre and has a few spas within also. This makes for a perfect end to a days shopping within the plaza giving your feet a well deserved break and treat.

Luxurious spa establishments are now seeing the benefits of the fish spa and are including it within their service packages. For example the Panviman Chiang Mai Spa Resort situated on Moo1 Tambol Pongyeang has included the treatment.

Whatever your Budget you will find it a unique and relaxing experience once you get used to the tickling of the fish.

Photos copyrighted by and of Sasajitran


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