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Marrying a Thai: Opps! It won’t be that Easy (Part 2)

Marrying a Thai: Opps! It won’t be that Easy (Part 2) See part one first


Erratum “rich” on the word “reach” from the Phrase “Simply because you were able to come to their country, meaning you are reach because you were able to pay for your air fare (Ironic isn’t it?).”


Did you know that in marrying a Thai woman you need…Take note of the word “NEED” to pay a dowry? Consider this, a Thai man marrying a Thai girl have to pay a certain amount. Depending on the educational attainment, occupation of the girl he’s about to marry, and as I’ve learned from a Filipino-Thai that the minimum amount in cash is 10,000 baht.

Now, how about that, it is indeed something to think about isn’t it. Now if you’re a “FARANG”. You should ask this to yourself, how deep is your LOVE? (in your pocket that is).

Let’s go through all the humdrums of what you have to go through to win your lady’s heart or shall I say their parent’s heart.

After, just a couple of months of chatting and communicating through the Internet; you’ve finally decided to marry her and you came to Thailand to finally met her folks. Then, upon arriving in the land of smiles; naturally you’ll be escorted by your future fiancée into their village or wherever it is that she lives.

Expect that everyone will be there to greet you, from the very least neighbor and even those that they don’t know before. Especially that everything and everyone is quite familiar with each other. Therefore, you’ll basically be a moving target, first of all because of your being a foreigner and as I’ve said of your color.

Don’t freak out, just be cool and smile. You might feel a bit irritated by people who constantly poke you especially kids and ladies and women from that village constantly giggling to each other. Don’t fret they’re just admiring you, don’t even bother to speak English because chances are it’s only your girlfriend who can speak the language (how on earth were you able to understand each other in the first place.)

So, let’s get this over with. After meeting almost everybody in the entire community, you’ll probably be tired in responding to ever “WAI” you receive. And oh, don’t WAI or bow on younger than you. You’ll be laughed at. However, just to be safe it would be advisable not to return the WAI but bow your head in response to every WAI.

By the way, have I told you that you NEED to give a gift to the parents? Yeah, you NEED to; however, it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Now here’s the best part. When everyone is there, naturally people will eat and drink this is still in celebration of your visit. However, don’t be too comfy since that everything...I say again...EVERYTHING will be paid for by…YOU!!!

Whether you like it or not, you don’t have any choice for the matter. Does it hurt? Wait till you get the whole of it. And Oh! Smile and keep your cool…Remember you LOVE her dearly...right?


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