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What to and not to do when in Thailand (Part II)

What to and not to do when in Thailand (Part II)

(see part one here)

So, where were we…Oh Okay… What not to do when in the Land of Smile.

Don’t FROWN!!!...Have you ever heard of the saying “Smile and the World smile’s back at you”. It’s the same here in Thailand, if people will see you smile they will definitely smiles at you…even the COPS.

The most important thing above all that you need to bear in mind, when in Thailand. And let me stress it to you the word IMPORTANT because if you fail to avoid doing something a bit stupid on this aspect. It will cost you a couple of days, months or even years in Prison.

Okay, here it is. Bear in mind that you’re in a country where Monarchy still reigns and respected. So, NEVER EVER speak of any ill word, ridicule or point at any images of any Royalties. That includes the current Monarchies that are still living in Thailand, the King and His family. Because once you do something as stupid as that…well it’s either you’ll be outwardly kicked out of the country or land in a cold Thai Jail.

Therefore, NEVER point your fingers at the Picture, image and any symbol that portrays the image of the king. Even those flags and those small flags because you’ll be in trouble right away, and oh, even their money. They don’t like it being crumpled since it ahs the image of the King on it. That’s how they respect and love their king so if you can’t bear and follow it. Then Thailand is not the country for you to visit.

So, let’s go on the lighter side. Okay…so in your country you love to show people how affectionate you are with your partner. And you like to show it even in front of so many people and you don’t give a damn what they will say or think. Well, keep your PDA (public displays of affection) to yourself you’ll definitely get that hot and fiery and piercing stare right into the bones. Believe you me you’re not going to like it.

Anyways, if you can’t keep what you feel to yourself. Just take a sudden turn and get a ROOM. There, show all what you have to show, they’re not going to bother you. Here’s a trivia, A Thai gentleman will not even so much touch a Thai lady in public. Not unless it’s the woman who’s doing all the touching…once again, “GET A ROOM”

These are just among the many things that you need to be aware of when you intend to visit or live in Thailand. However, if you’re a flexible and easy to adapt with kind of a person…You’ll definitely blend well here in this country…and remember to always wear that lovely smile of yours…with or without teeth because you’re in THAILAND…the Land of Smiles.

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