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Just Another Day

Just another Day

My wife asks me to get the money for the payment for the rental of the house. She deposited it the other day and called the owner of the house to just drop by and pick up the money since she cannot hand it over herself because she was at one of the longest camp that their school has conducted.

They were actually on the Southern part of Thailand, which is indeed quite far enough.

So, there I was the following day, with the ATM that she left me. After sending our 3 kids to school, I head out right away into the nearest bank, since there are actually lots of ATMs scattered all over Thailand.

One of the traits that I admire Thais most, they know how to value properties. Anyways, that’s another topic for another article. So after a couple of minutes walk I have arrived at the bank and immediately insert the card into the machine.

After pushing several buttons and typing the amount that I wanted to withdraw. I waited for the machine to release the money.

Only to my surprise that it didn’t actually gave out what was I was expecting, I was stunned and didn’t know what to do.

What was in my mind is that the ATM has eaten the card away. I tried getting it out and peeped into the card’s hole. But the card wasn’t there.

“What to do, what the heck happen, what did I do wrong, why the card was wasn’t released and I didn’t get the money”.

Lots of things were already running through my mind, I was not worried why the card got stuck or whatever happened to it. What I was actually worried about was the sign that I saw after I pushed those buttons. There was a picture of a lady which was in a stunned expression, holding a cell phone with an open mouth and then right on the image there was a huge cross out sign or more like it.


However, it didn’t really bother me much what was really getting into my nerves is that how am I going to explain to the teller of the bank or anyone in particular what has just happened.

Well, if you’re in the Philippines and you are a Foreigner who fell into such dilemma it wouldn’t be problem at all because you can literally ask anybody and almost everybody on the bank.

Unfortunately it was still very early during that time, so I was really now on a panicking state.

So, my last resort was to call my wife and inform her of what happened and ask her what I have to do. After hearing my narration of the account, she just said in a very calm voice “Oh! I forgot it just expired”.

There was nothing I could do but smile in disbelief; after all that I just went through the explanation was that simple…the ATM card expired.

Oh, well it was just another day in Thailand indeed.

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