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Sethee Court

.Sethee court is owned by Steve and King (I know it sounds like Stephen King, sorry, Steve, I couldn’t resist!). He is American-Korean, she is originally from Chiang Mai, and they give you an impression of a young energetic couple.

The building is situated in the great area just off Wualai Road, which means you have access to all the best street food vendors on the stretch from the end of Wualai Road to Airport Plaza, and being the foodies we are it’s a big plus!


It’s a blissfully quiet area with predominantly Thai population, full of bitsy little shops, and the view on the mountains is superb. You can easily spot the temple of Doi Suthep at night.

There is a parking area on the ground floor of the building and an impressive key lock security door. What is also a great plus is that Steve and King live at the same building, so if you have any problems, the landlords are right there to help.

We had a selection of rooms in terracotta and pale pink (which is 2 predominant colours of the building) to look at. Believe me, the colours are not as bad as you would think –  they actually work together and give you a vague Mexican decor feeling.

The rooms are clean, big and cool, with a separate bathroom and a storage room where you can dry your clothes. The average rate for the room is 3500 baht including water from the well that they have on the property. For 4000 baht you would get a room with a big flashy colonial fan if you feel like a spree J


The internet is free cable or wireless, and at the moment it’s 4MB. Steve said that in 2-3 weeks they are switching to 8MB which is fantastic for Chiang Mai! There is also a landline phone and TV cable in the room. The air con is a given. For additional 150 baht a month you can have a small fridge.

There is a washing machine on the ground floor for 20 baht, and there are plans to put up chairs and umbrellas on the first floor terrace for a lazy afternoon with a book and a cold drink..

Did we move in? Hell, yes!

Steve and King are still debating whether or not to put a ping pong table on the ground floor, but I want to be there if it happens.

The address is:

Sethee Court
30 Soi 3 Sripingmuang Rd
Changkran, A.Muang, Chiang Mai

Tel. (English) 0848093478 (Thai) 0846154050

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