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The Clay Gallery

Clay Gallery @ Sote Villa

I was out riding my bicycle the other day in Chiang Mai and stumbled across a wonderful Clay Gallery. I was greeted by the owner who took me inside and gave me a leaflet with the directions and address on.  For those of you who have not heard about the gallery.It is quite easy to find from the centre of town using a tuk tuk or if driving yourself just take a right turn from Huay Kaew Road along Canal Road and turn left at the bridge where the Nong Fluk restaurant is situated, at the top of the road turn left and the gallery is there behind the wooden gates.   There are some signposts in the soi so this should make it a little bit easier for anyone to find it.

The owner, a charming Thai lady, took me upstairs to her showroom where she proceeded to show me the different ceramic artifacts she had made.  For a pottery lover like myself it was wonderful to see the unique and different designs of many ceramic products, most of them featuring beautiful butterflies.  This home studio also displays original paintings from various local artists in Northern Thailand which make fabulous souvenirs to take back home, or indeed for ex pats to purchase for their own homes here in Chiang Mai or other areas of Thailand.

The studio itself is bright and airy and absolutely packed from top to bottom with mugs, plates, bowls, bathroom ware, fridge magnets, spoons and much more.  I could only stand back and admire the beautiful products on show and wondered how long it must have taken this lovely lady to make such fabulous items.  She had told me that at one time there used to be a clay workshop downstairs where tourists and locals alike could visit and participate in recreation and artistic activities.  Unfortunately, however, she told me that numbers had dropped over a period of time so the clay workshop was no longer available – such a shame.


She also displays "Clay Gallery" goods at Chiang Mai airport and indeed I decided a few days later to check this out for myself and sure enough beautiful mugs, bowls, plates etc., were in a cabinet on the first floor.  These home made artifacts are very reasonably priced, for instance one of my favourites that I purchased quite a number of, were butterfly mugs priced around 150 baht each (3 pounds), which I sent to family and friends back home.

The main gallery itself is upstairs over the owner’s house and set in fabulous grounds which has many trees and flowers.   There is a magnificent teak Thai house and a smaller one within the complex and both are available for long term rent, however, at the time of writing both were occupied. The complex itself is quiet and relaxing, has enough space to park cars as well as motorcycles if any Farang or Thai wishes to make a visit.

In my opinion the Clay Gallery is a hidden little gem where any lover of pottery and local art can spend a few hours admiring the intricate work and craftsmanship, so go along and see it for yourself.

Clay Gallery
80/10 soi chomdoi, cholapratan Rd.
Chiang MAi

telphone 053 216 034

or sotevilla


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