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Rimping store

Rim Ping Super Store

The Rim Ping Group is a locally owned chain that used to own "Tantrapan" and airport plaza, and has four stores in Chiang Mai.

Rim Ping stores have perhaps the widest variety of imported products as well as locally produced product by the expat community of Chiang Mai and is usually the best place to locate difficult to find items although because of the rarity value expect to pay a higher price. So if Kasems does not have it try here.

Rim Ping stocks a wide variety of fresh produce, fish and seafood and every store has a butchers counter serving local and imported meats. There is also a good selection of imported cheeses, and sausages  and other delicatessen products.

The stores offer an free delivery service. It also has a rewards scheme for regular customers but seems to be really not so good as redeeming seems to get more points needed as time passes.... the old carrot and stick.

Store Branches

Rimping Supermarket ( Nawarat Branch ) on river edge sort of near iron
Located on the Ping River close to Nawarat Bridge
129 Lamphun Rd.
Tel : 053 246333-4 Fax : 053 247433  

Rimping Supermarket ( Mee Chok Branch )
Located on Highway 1011 which is the second ring road and near the Doisaket road.
Mee Chok Branch 208 Moo 6 T.Faham, A. Muang, Chiang Mai
Tel : 0-5326-6629 , Fax : 0-5326-6635  

Rimping Supermarket (Nim City Daily Branch)
Located in" Nim City" close to Airport Plaza (which they used to own).
199/8 Mahidol Rd , T.Haiya A.Muang Chiang Mai 50100
Tel : 0-5390-4841 , Fax : 0-5390-4885

Rim Ping Supermarket (Kad Farang Branch)
Located out of town in Hangdong
225/4 M.13 T.Baanvan Chiang Mai-Hod Rd. A.Hangdong Chiang Mai 50230
Tel & FAX : 0-5343-5305

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