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Solar Airlines

Solar Airlines -A pleasurable journey through Thailand:

In today’s world of fast communication, reaching a destination in a shorter span of time at a quicker pace is of prime importance. Everything needs to be done fast. The air pathway is thus preferred by most individuals these days. With the popularity of the aerial route of travelling gaining momentum, more airlines are cropping up. An airline that is known in Thailand is by the name of Solar Air.

solar Air route map

Serving with flights from Bangkok (DMK)  :






Solar Air is run by the company of Solar Aviation Company Limited. It is a domestic airline that connects the various locales within the boundaries of Thailand. Be it a business travel or luxury travel, Solar Air has provisions for both. Aircraft cargo delivery service has also been launched by this Airlines Company. The packets are delivered to their respective destinations safely. Emergency services are also available.

The aircrafts that the Airlines make use of are the Dornier228 and the EMB110-P2. Both of these airplanes have the capacity for the seating arrangements of 19 passengers.

The flight travels to and from between Bangkok and other places like Nan, Chumphon, Mae-sot, Loei, Phrae and Hua Hin. The flights are quite frequent and the schedule of the flight is also preferable. The airlines have also created a Solar Club Card as an incentive. The offer asks for gathering points so as to get tickets free of cost against a pre determined points value. This is to attract greater number of passengerswho fly regularly the routes.

The members of the team of crew on board as well as those who make up the ground staff are reliable and competent. Their professional background is quite sound and most of them are abreast with good amount of experience. The Airline services and inque routes thus ensure faithful services to the clientele.

Safety and comfort of the passengers are two parameters the airlines put stress on. The journey is thus preferred by most and the services rendered are satisfactory.


Information contact centre    Tel: 02-535-2455-6, 02-535-2448-9 Mobile:082-103-5656 , 089-896-9556 , 081-810-9556    FAX: 02-535-2450
Lampang(LPT): 081-811-1006, Roi-Et (ROI): 081-989-0556, Mae Sot(MAQ): 081-912-0556, Nan(NNT):081-908-0096
222 Room 3251 Don Muang Airport Moo10 Viphavadi-Rangsit Rd, Sanambin, Don Muang, Bangkok 10210



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