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Changing Money

Some tips and advise on change money or traveler cheques

Firstly exchange rates from bank to bank vary, so hunt around a little. Some times they spread is not worth the effort, some times it a wind fall.

Secondly, note rates and cheques rates are different.  As well there is a tax and commission on changing traveler cheques. As much as one USA dollar per cheque so purchase large face value ones when you buy them back home.

Now for the new world of plastic. Yes most all ATM accept them! The limit per day is set from your bank, so talk to them so you know what it will be before you arrive. Also know their fees for use overseas or as a cash advance. If you want the Thai bank can often advance you as much as you want on your credit card, if you talk to the people at the branch and have your passport with you.

That is not the case with debit cards they often have a strict set limit per day. So if you are coming bring credit cards not debit cards.

Be prepared that most all vendors work on margins that do not have enough profit to accept the credit cards charges without a surcharge. OK complain that it is against the vendor agreement to charge extra. But be responsible for the extra expenses you create by insisting them to have their gross sales be cut by 3-4 percent per purchase charged by the use of plastic.

Remember your here to learn and have experiences so try to relate to the way things are done here.

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