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Tiger Kingdom

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  Tiger Kingdom - The Great Tiger Adventure.

The scenic area of Mae Rim offers an unspoiled ambience for people who are nature enthusiasts and is also an ideal setting for Tiger Kingdom, or Khum Suea in the Thai language. Tiger Kingdom is a zoological park run by a private company, where animals such as tigers and lions are legally raised. It is fully licensed by the Thai government.

Tiger Kingdom is divided into two zones; the park and the restaurant.

In the park sector sightseers can experience visiting baby tigers. Most of the tigers have been raised by keepers since they were born. You can see tigers of all ages here. There is a section that has large and medium sized animals and another section for small and new born animals. Children under 13 are only allowed to visit the small tiger zone, for safety reasons. Children have a wonderful time interacting with the magnificent creatures and in addition gain appreciation of the natural world. If you want to see them at their most active early morning and late afternoon are best, as this is when animals of this type hunt.

Visitors are escorted by professional guides who have a great deal of knowledge concerning the tigers and lions. There are guides who speak English, French, Japanese, Spanish and of course Thai. All visitors are given a brief course before entering the park; this is done for security and safety reasons. All guides are trained in first aid and the emergency services are on stand by. In addition visitors are insured which is incorporated in the admission fee. All the employees are extremely helpful. There are also many mist spraying fans which are very refreshing in hot weather.

Professional photographers are on hand and accompany visitors for 15 minutes and in this time take as many photographs as required. A picture CD is the provided for an additional fee.

Tiger Kingdom keeps the park as similar to natural forest as possible. It is also run in an extremely professional way. To follow the concept of wildlife conservation, all tigers have been raised as naturally as possible. No animal has been trained to perform in shows, which would against their natural instinct. 

They are truly majestic animals in their own rite. The animals are well cared for, and are extremely healthy.

The restaurant area is open to the public with no entry fee. Patrons can see the tigers in the nearby enclosures. The restaurant serves both Western and Thai food, cocktails and deserts are also available; in the morning American and continental breakfasts are also served. The lunch buffet is low cost with an excellent spread of freshly cooked food that is highly recommended. There is also an Al a Carte menu. The quality of food & service are 1st class and the food is very well presented and delicious, but it is a little pricy by Chiang Mai standards,

If you are on a budget the restaurant maybe a good option as you can have a meal and contiue to watch the tigers at no additional cost.

At The pizza and coffee house homemade pizza and fresh coffee is available. It is close to the camel enclosure, near the entrance. It is a perfect place to relax and unwind.

There is also a fish spa (cost150 Baht) if you need more TLC.

The park and restaurant are open from 9am until 6pm and walk in guests are welcome. Reservations are not required, but for groups of ten people or more, please call in advance to be sure that your group is well taken care of.  If you require further information visit

Telephone Number 053-860704

Entrance Fees to Tiger Kingdom for westerners

Big and Medium tiger zone 520 Baht per person
New born, small tiger and small lion zone 520 Baht per person
There are different packages you can buy there that include visits to all     sections and the photography. Please enquire at the park.
Restaurant - free entry

How to get there.
You can drive yourself on a motorbike, car or hire a TUK TUK or Songthaew.
Just Drive north on Route 107.
You will reach Mae Rim in about 30 minutes. Go through Mae Rim town and go straight on after leaving the main town you will reach a set of traffic lights at a T intersction to Samoeng, Just turn left  to Samoeng. You will see a sign on the right hand side of the road with  Tiger Kingdom written on it from there follow the signs posts.

You can also do this through various tour companies in Chiang Mai.

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