LuckyDogs Resort and Training Center
offers the professional and loving care you would like for your beloved animal, where he/she can feel safe, comfortable and happy.

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Behavior Modification Therapy
Does your dog shows undesired behavior such as house-soiling, jumping up, excessive barking or howling, aggression or any other misbehavior? Our certified Dog Psychologist can help you solving this misbehavior by providing behavior modification therapy, specially designed for you and your dog.

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You love your dog, and you would like it to be happy and obedient?
LuckyDogs Training Center provides the answer!

By using a dog-friendly reward-based training system (the clicker system) we teach your dog the basic commands, tricks and good behavior.

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We have over 15 years of experience
We speak Thai, English, Dutch and a little German.


Our Manager is European certified for:
Managing Small Pet Animal Boarding, Dog Training, Counseling in Dog (problem) Behavior Modification, Reiki


If you would like more information on our boarding facilities, the training courses, or any of our other services or when you need information on health care, behavior, import/export issues or any other questions related to your beloved pet, please, contact

Ms. Nienke,
Manager at LuckyDogs Prt. Ltd,
53/2 M7, T.Sanpuleui, A.Doi Saket, Chiang Mai 50220.
Tel.: 089 997 8146
Email: or