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Information for American Citizens

Embassy of the United States of America
Consular Section
95 Wireless Road
Bangkok, Thailand 10330
tel. 205-4049, fax 205-4103

MARRIAGE IN THAILAND (As supplied by the USA Embassy)

Information for American Citizens

A legal marriage in Thailand consists of both parties registering their marriage in person with the local Thai Amphur (Civil Registry Office). The United States does recognize the validity of such a marriage.


1. Complete an affidavit at the American Embassy. The affidavit form, available upon request, includes all of the information required by relevant Thai law. The form must be completed and notarized at the Embassy.

2. Have the completed affidavit translated.

3. Take the affidavit and translation to:
Legalization Division
Department of Consular Affairs
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
3rd Floor, 123 Chaeng Wattana Road
Tung Song Hong, Laksi District, Bangkok
Tel:(02) 575-1057-8, Fax:(02) 575-1054

4. Take the affidavit and supporting documents to a local Amphur and register yourselves as married. The Amphur will also require the following documents:
a) Your American passport;
b) The Thai citizen's identification card;
c) If either party is under the age of twenty, written
permission from the parents (with Thai translation);
d) If either you or your fiance have been previously married the Amphur will want to see proof that prior marriages have been terminated; either divorce or death certificates. These documents if available, should be translated into Thai prior to presentation at the Amphur.

Please note that this affidavit may be done in Chiang Mai Consulate with some planning. The translation and ministry stamp can be attained through a service like Lanna Weddings, the sponser of this site.

The American Consulate General in Chiang Mai is open for affidavits Tuesday and Thursday 8:30 -11:00. Only

Link to the USA Bangkok Embassy web site BKK

Link to Chiang Mai consulate site

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