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(Uw traditionele Thaise bruiloft in Chiangmai)


Co-ordinated professionally and personally by "Jit" the owner of Northern Thailand's largest wedding Boutique and wedding Supplier "Canna Cards"






 Teak buddhist temple we do wedding blessings

Your gateway to Thai Buddhist or Christian Weddings abroad in Thailand,
and a life time of priceless memories of your unique and authentic Thai wedding!

Traditional Northern Thai weddings are a truly romantic option to the normal tourist style destination weddings or "Thai Theme weddings" which are offered at many resorts in Thailand. We however specialize in offering proper traditional Northern Thai weddings or "Lanna weddings". Known through out Thailand as the most romantic and spiritual weddings in Thailand. Having an exotic and romantic flair to them.

All of Thailand has the marriage ceremony where you truly do "tie the knot". A true spiritual and legal marriage when register properly with our help. A destination wedding in Thailand is a great choice, if you wish to avoid the hassles and headaches of a traditional white wedding, back home..

Many of our overseas couples have chosen to have a very private wedding with just themselves and one or two special people in attendance, leave behind the problems and expectations that a wedding back home may have created, choosing to enjoy the romance and spiritual experience together as a couple, starting a unique new life together as a happy married couple.

While other couples have opted to bring the whole family and lots of friends with them, to share the experience together, taking the opportunity start their lives as married couple surrounded by loved ones, without the need to invite some people they may have had to invite back home, if they had chosen to marry there..

Whatever your reasons are to marry here or whatever the size and style of ceremony you dream of, we are here to help make it perfect for you (and your guests). We will help with all the aspects of your Thai wedding offering you the option of an authentic Thai Buddhist or Christian wedding ceremonies in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Having an exotic and romantic flair to them. "So plan your perfect day and then enjoy your wedding gifts for years to come."

 Thai Buddhist monk offfering blessings

Think of getting married in Chiang Mai, feel free to ask me questions, I am knowledgeable in most all aspects of Christian overseas weddings in Thailand or traditional Thai weddings and a true expert on the Traditional Lanna (northern Thai) wedding.


I believe a wedding special and should be treated as such
so if you what more than a touristic resort or beach wedding.

Contact me "Jit"


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