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Some Thai Wedding Photos


Here is a collecton of wedding done in Thailand.

Eleanor and Alex from Scotland and England July15, 2005
Wedding venue Doi saket

Rebecca and Michael from Austin Texas March 18, 2005 and here for more photos

Jaime and Dennis, New Zeland January 15 2005

Cliff and Aay from Chiang Rai and USA March 7, 2547

Thomas and Frida from Sweden Feb 28 2004 Page one. Page two

Meg and Kent Feb18 2004

Shannon and Justins from Canada July 24 2003

Khun Tim & Khun Tracy from England January 22 2545 (2002)

Khun Arlene and Khun Dave from Canada June 28 2002

Lou and Sabine from France, May 10th 2546

Khun Roy And Khun Nai Noi 1998 Please note this wedding is not done by us just interesting home page.