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Our Royal Northern Wedding

We offer you a splendid Authentic Royal Northern Thai wedding, just an amazing wedding!

Price: 119,999 Baht
This is the most lavish Thai Buddhist wedding available, for the truly romantic and demanding. It is ideal for an exclusive wedding with from zero to twelve invited guests (easily expandable to 99 guests - for extra charges of course) See description

Our Royal Lanna wedding is designed around a wedding we provided for a members of an old Lanna Royal family: It includes

  • Includes Pre wedding Night in secluded small garden retreat. Not your lavish huge western hotel but a real quaint Thai style rustic retreat. Very simple yet comfortable for you and your bride to be. Separate rooms are not mandatory.
  • Morning offerings to monks on the street using my home as the offering point. I will escort you and your bride to the morning market to select foods and flowers for monks.(special foods from back home are always a welcome treat to add to the offering) This is often
  • Hair dresser services for bride provided.
  • Receive formal monk blessing a temple by highly revered monk or monks depending on temple choice. Which of course your wedding party is of course invited and incouraged to attend.
  • Merit making of offering monks food in morning, birds and fish release to release at temple which is said to encourge good luck in the couples future.
  • Open Thai bar for all guests, to try some local Thai whiskies and beers as well as some unique local herbal drinks. I will not be held responcible for hangovers- but we make sure they get home safe!
  • After the knot tying ceremony, the Lanna evening wedding feast will include a selection of entertainment Traditional Thai ethnic dances preformed by a local Thai dance troupe.
  • Classical Northern Thai musicians at venue of course.
  • Later if preferred western cds may be played on the stereo. If any special songs aare requested for dancing or sing to please bring or asked before hand if we have them in our music library.
  • A Lanna feast where you set the menu! Sample menu here. Totally changeable to suit guest tastes
  • You partake in setting off Traditional Fire balloons "KomLoi" to remove bad luck (May not possible in febuary March or April depending on fire hazard)
  • Your bride to be is treated to a "Spa treatment" or traditional "Thai massage" the day before the wedding.
  • We will also arrange for a manicure and pedicure for the bride.
  • Two Vans and drivers at you disposal the whole wedding day in case you or your guest wish to make use of them, at anytime. or couple may choose to travel by the TUK TUK if preferred.
  • Wedding attire for bride and groom ( "handwoven" silk extra)
  • Thai jewelry for bride
  • Use of traditional Thai style attire by your guests
  • Decoration of wedding venue with seasonal fresh flowers.
  • Traditional Thai flower arrangement and garlands as part of ceremony and for the nuptial bedroom.
  • Professional Photographer services over 300 picture proofs in 4X6 inch size. You also get to keep the negatives so you can make as my prints back home as you like!
  • A website from the digitial photos will be provided if desired.
  • A Video Photographer to provide a life time record that you can show your friends and even your children or grand children. We normally provide a edited DVD of your Lanna Wedding.
  • The evening is capped off with a professional Thai fireworks display!
  • Wedding night accommodation for the newly weds, at the wedding venue (if desired).
  • Fruit platter and bottle of French Sparkling wine in honeymoon suite.(Champagne upgrade available or other beverages if preferred)
  • First morning as married couple, very simple breakfast including a great selection of tropical fruits and epicurean delights. or what ever you prefer for breakfast.
  • Couple recieves Thai massages in the morning on the private balcony of their teak hideaway if desired
  • Return transport to city next day at your leisure.

A rough schedule and description of the Royal Lanna Wedding

This is all included in the base price of 119,999 Baht.
For Term and Conditions click here


What you need to provide yourself!

1. "Affidavits fees" as they differ with consulate, and supporting documents see you countries requirements. Please note we do not cover the fees of the consulates affidavits or their paperwork, but do cover the translations and Foreign Ministry charges and registry charges if you wish to have the marriage registered in Thailand. You must have it registered here for most countries to consider you legally married. It is your responsibility to assure you attain this if the marriage is to be registered in Thailand.
2. Your own foot wear as Thailand has few large sizes, so best you bring your own to match your choice of wedding attire.
3. Hand woven silk wedding attire.Our highest quality wedding attire created from Thai silk woven by the very same silk weavers that weave for the Royal household is not include in this quote. (About 20,000 Baht extra and 3 months lead time if you desire a custom handmade Thai silk cloth)
4. Wedding bands.
5. Accommodation other than Listed.

For more information contact Jit at Canna weddings

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