Traditional Thai Wedding Dresses

Thai wedding dresses can be a silk wedding dress or traditional handwoven cotton wedding dress or even made of modern synthetics. There is no right or wrong just a matter of choice and personal style.


Red Kak Dress

Cream Lanna Dress

 wedding dress Thai brayuk
Thai Brayuk Blue

Siam Blue Dress

Gold Lanna

jakgree simple Thai wedding dress
Jakgree Simple wedding dress

Younger brides often choose synthetic materials as they have a great range of colors and designs then traditionally used in Thai wedding dresses. "That is the tradition of Thai wedding dresses, they where always influenced by modern trends" So what ever you choose for your Thai wedding dress there is no rule except Thai custom does not allow black attire at weddings, as it is considered to be bad luck. Many bride avoid Thai silk as it is hot and very pricy.

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Measuring carts for Thai dresses


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