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Our Deluxe Thai Buddhist Weddings

We offer you a splendid Authentic Thai or Lanna Deluxe wedding at a realistic price.

Most weddings will cost 69,000 Baht depending on how many people you invite (6 guests are always included free, we love to have friends and family come share the Thai experience). May be easily customised to 24 guests.Terms

You are invited to compare what we, offer with what others destination or overseas tour operastors offer for "Thai" weddings, as we feel we are the best choice offering real Thai weddings. Others offer mostly "hotel theme weddings parties" and not socially and religiously proper Thai weddings or legal registration of the wedding without excessive surcharges.

Our Full Thai wedding: (by Thai definition of a wedding) normally includes

On arrival we normally :

  • Will meet you at the airport or train station and take you to your hotel room . Help get you checked in.(We can pre-arrange the hotel bookings too at a good discount for almost any hotel in the north)
  • Then depending on arrival time we will arrange a time to pick you up to go the local consulate to get the paper work started, should you choose this legal option.You only pay the consulate affidavit fees, the rest of the cost of legal marriage registration is our treat.
  • We will arrange a suitable time to stop by our wedding shop to get a final fitting of the Thai wedding attire and then return you to the hotel or send you off sight seeing or off on a trek (Sight seeing and such not included in wedding).



On the wedding day: See sample wedding: Tim and Tracy's Thai Wedding

  • Get up early! Dress in your Thai clothes (you choice earlier, at our shop ), get picked up at 5 am and go to the silversmith area, where you will be instructed in and preform the proper cultural offering of food to monks for merit and good luck. Incense, flowers, candles and food.

  • Break for breakfast (normally included as part of your hotel package if we have arranged it.) But often the schedule is better served by skipping the hotel breakfast and allowing us to "find you something to eat, normally some unique local foods"
  • Travel to the temple for Buddhist Monk blessings and release of birds, fish and/or turtles for merit.



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